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    • ✅ MORE COMFORTABLE – Specially designed for HTC Vive, pads are made out of a foam material covering with a soft, smooth and non-sticky leather to provide you with excellent padding and comfort.
    • ✅ BETTER FOV – 3 different sizes to choose from, 6mm,12mm and 18mm depending on your preference, there will always be one to make you enjoy a better field of view and a greater VR experience.
    • ✅ WON’T SOAK UP SWEAT – Instead of sucking up all your sweat and making a very squishy moist experience, the pads won't soak up sweat like the default foam face pads to be more sanitary when sharing with others.
    • ✅ EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN – Attach our leather replacement to the existing tape in the headset and you are ready to go. Meanwhile easy to clean due to the non-absorbent surface.
    • ✅ CLEANING KIT – Cleaning Kit offers everything needed to keep your Vive lenses clean and helps to ensure you are taking good care of the delicate parts of the VR.