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    This isn't about holder.
    It's about joining a supportive communities around the world. Just Share Video on your Instagram.
    Of course, we've also got to hook you up with some goodies 🎉
    • Receive a Free a Wall Mount for Google Home Mini or Wall Mount for Google WiFi to start off
    • Earn $$$ for referring friends
    • Get exclusive discounts & early access
    • Vote on new KIWI design products
    • Share photos & ask questions
    • Meet amazing new friends!
    • Grow your Instagram following ;)
    • Chance to be Featured on KIWI design's Instagram

    kiwi design google home mini wall mount cat

    Apply below to our Ambassador Program today! Selected ambassadors receive a Wall Mount for Google Home Mini or Wall Mount for Google WiFi to start their ambassadorship. Ambassadors receive up to 30% OFF exclusive discounts, vote on new products & have a direct influence on KIWI design. Join the ambassador team today and fill out this application A$AP. Expect to hear back in 1-2 days.