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    Oculus Link Cable - Specially designed for Oculus Quest Link Compatible VR Speed Data Transfer. Oculus Link connects Oculus Quest headset to a gaming PC so you can play a wide range of Oculus Rift apps and games. Note: Note: (Some Tips to Oculus Quest Link Cable work) Please read carefully the tips on product description.
    Fast Transmission with Charging - USB 3.0 supports data transfer speed up to 5Gbps, Also the Qculus Link Cable allows you to charge your Quest Headset while playing so no need worry that Quest will run out of power while in the middle of your favorite game.
    16FT Length & 90 Degree Angle - The ergonomic design reaches 16 feet which enables long distance data transferring without losing the signal, USB-C 90 Degree Angle End make it doesn't stick out & is easy to use with the Quest VR headset.
    Ultra Durable - The USB C cable is made of tin-plated copper and covered with high quality PVC material, it is durable,flexible and has excellent anti-twisting & abrasion-proof, doesn’t get hot and does not harm computers, mobile phones and VR.
    Wide Compatibility -  In addition to connect Quest to your PC, it is also suitable for extended connection of USB device interfaces, such as USB devices, HD cameras, virtual reality VR, HiFi amp speakers, mobile hard drives, WIFI and other devices. What You Get - 1*Quest Link Cable + 18-month product warranty and 24x7 hrs friendly customer service.


      Here Are Some Tips to Help Make Our Oculus Quest Link Cable Work for You:

      Update your Oculus Software version to 1.43 or above and all other Drivers

      -Disable PTC (Public Test Channel)

      -Plug the USB A into the back of your computer directly to your motherboard (red slot) USB 3.0

      -If you have audio issues go to device settings and enable the Quest headset

      Please note:

      Please connect the USB port on the back of the computer Mainboard

      Please upgrade Oculus APP Version to

      Close the Public Test Channel