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⚡Save $2.00 on all items>> CODE: KIWI2
‘No Man’s Sky’ Update Makes You Mayor of an Alien Town, available on PSVR & SteamVR

‘No Man’s Sky’ Update Makes You Mayor of an Alien Town, available on PSVR & SteamVR

The largest bit of the update is the addition of new planetary settlements, which can now be found in inhabited systems dotted across the known universe.

Once you’ve touched down on the right procedurally generated settlement, you’ll be able to do things like name the town, choose what to build by gathering resources, commission festivals, resolve arguments, and help repel Sentinel attacks to protect the frontier settlements.

Check out the trailer below to see Frontiers in action:

Additionally, Frontiers brings a new base-building menu to the game to make part-picking easier, 10 more save slots, multi-colored nebulas, and enhanced destruction effects. 

Design-wise, No Man’s Sky still isn’t on par with a native VR game due to things like an overreliance on 2D menus, but its massive size and continuously growing feature set seems to keep reeling us back in well after the game’s VR implementation was initially released in August 2019.

No Man’s Sky offers PSVR support on PS4 & PS5, and SteamVR headsets through the PC version of the game. It’s currently 50% off on both the EU PlayStation Store and Steam, bringing it to just $30. Virtual reality support comes part and parcel with the deal, so you can play in flatscreen mode or in VR.

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