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Take your Alexa anywhere

No more tangled wires. Experience Alexa freedom like never before with Alex.
It is specially designed for the Amazon Echo Dot. You can take it with you for room-to-room listening on the go. It’s a battery base for the second-gen Echo Dot that lets Alexa go unplugged.

Polyhedral Modern Design

This unique Alex design was inspired by paper folding, polyhedron Origami. The polyhedron shape makes Alex look modern and futuristic,
colored in black that makes it look more elegant. You can place it in your office or your house to
make your Alexa look modern and futuristic.



Alex is a true companion; with its 24h of standby battery life 
on-the-go and up to 12 hours of continuous playtime per charge. The Alex 
is geared up for the long run.

24 hours

Alex has a great battery capacity-
enough Echo Dot  standby for 24 hours.

10000 mA/h

10000mA/h intelligent battery base

Up to 12 hours Playtime

Enjoy your playtime without
the hassle of wires for 12 hours.

Watch the Reveal film


















What's so special

It’s easy to use and it gives you a portable Alexa with a great battery life.
Experience Alexa freedom like never before.

10000mA/h capability

Creative solution

Protect Echo Dot well